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The Texas Night Sky Festival was the place to be!

The Texas Night Sky Festival was the place to be! Image

The Texas Night Sky Festival was a resounding success!

The Festival treated close to 3,000 people to an engaging educational event. I don’t think we will ever know the impact this will make as more and more people take time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the out of doors at night, or turn off lights that shine into natural areas, or pause before they automatically replace their old light with a bigger brighter unshielded fixture and instead choose a shielded light.
“Amazing event!” That was the comment I heard most from the attendees during the day. Every age group had fun. I saw delight, intense interest, joy, amazement, concentration, laughter, dancing, and a growing appreciation for the night. It was exciting to see so many young and not-so-young strengthening their appreciation for the night sky and for the animals and plants that depend on an environment illuminated only with the stars and the moon. Wow! Then, the night sky itself drew flocks of people out of doors to the observing field. After predictions of cloudy weather, it stayed clear enough to give us a wonderful view of the stars.
Many thanks to our sponsors, without whom this could not have been a free event! Check out our sponsors and wonderful food vendors at Special thanks to Paul Bogard, who presented The End of Night in words and images. Find him at
The Festival was hosted by IDA Texas, Hays County Chapter Texas Master Naturalist, and the City of Dripping Springs, Texas.