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State and Local Lighting Codes

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Our first task is to raise awareness about light pollution and how to combat it. It is important to include elected officials and governmental staff in that education process. An educated population will supply supporters for legislative action.

Texas builders must abide by the International Energy Code of the IECC for commercial, and industrial and low/high rise multi-family residential buildings, and the International Residential Code for single family construction. These codes could be amended to include outdoor lighting standards.

Texas State Codes

Local Code Creation

Want guidance in developing a code for your community? The Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition has excellent recommendations here.  Also, see our What can I do?  page.

Local Government and Military Consideration

San Antonio and Camp Bullis Joint Land Use Study provides a view into the military perspective regarding the need to control glare and artificial lights. The development community had a strong hand in watering down this study. However, it still provides a window into the harm done to the military by uncontrolled artificial light at night.

Local Codes Within Texas

Keep in mind that local codes are the product of the political process. Many have technical errors and some omit specific protections that are desirable. It may, however, be helpful to you and your elected officials to know what other communities in Texas have enacted. For that reason, IDA Texas seeks to list the communities with outdoor lighting ordinances, regulations, or proclamations. If you are aware of a community with an outdoor lighting ordinance or proclamation not listed below, please use the contact form on this website to share that information.