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Not Expecting Breakfast Tacos on the IDA Texas Blog? Thumbnail

But we're reaching out to everyone in Texas interested in protecting the night sky. And, we're holding a Breakfast Meeting! You probably already know about the terrific, 2nd Texas Night Sky Festival® to be held on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park in (where else?) Dripping Springs, just west of weird (that’s Austin). … Read More

IDA Texas Meeting! You’re Invited! Thumbnail

You probably already know about the terrific, 2nd Annual Texas Night Sky Festival® to be held on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park in (where else?) Dripping Springs, just west of weird (that’s Austin). It will be a great and grand festival, full of fun, and you can read all about… Read More

Oil Flares – Big and Bright at Night in the Heart of West Texas Thumbnail

by Ned Samson Last month astronomers at the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of West Texas noticed bright new lights on the horizon. At one of the world’s foremost locations for astronomical observation, home to the largest telescope in North America, this sort of intrusion into darkness is not taken lightly. In fact, in… Read More

The “Ah” Factor Captured at Putman Mountain Observatory Thumbnail

Wow! A great photo of the Antennae Galaxies from Ken Kattner at Putman Mountain Observatory in the Texas Hill Country. These are skies to stand up for! Ken describes the photo: "The Antennae Galaxies are a pair of interacting galaxies in the constellation Corvus (also known as NGC 4038 and NGC 4039). The galaxies are… Read More

ACTION NEEDED: Keep “Night Skies” Part of the Tomorrow Plan Thumbnail

San Antonio has developed a three-pronged plan to guide the city "toward smart, sustainable growth". Unfortunately, last week the City Planning Commission, at the request of one contingent of the San Antonio development industry, removed the very important "Night Skies" provision from the Sustainability portion of the overall SA Tomorrow Plan. You do not need… Read More

The Texas Night Sky Festival was the place to be! Thumbnail

The Texas Night Sky Festival was a resounding success! The Festival treated close to 3,000 people to an engaging educational event. I don’t think we will ever know the impact this will make as more and more people take time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the out of doors at night, or turn off lights that shine into natural… Read More

Texas Night Sky Festival

Texas Night Sky Festival Thumbnail

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) Texas, the City of Dripping Springs, and the Hays County Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist will host the Texas Night Sky Festival, a free celebration of the Texas Night Sky! Participants will join in fun citizen science activities, learn from engaging speakers and exhibits, see examples… Read More

Debbie Moran at the Better Lights for Better Nights Conference.

Debbie Moran shared the video from the recent Houston City Council meeting re the LED lighting discussion.  Three speakers were given a total of 41 minutes!  They got a good result and were able to eventually help the Council members understand the issue.  Mayor Turner did agree to look further into the options for LED lighting… Read More