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ACTION NEEDED: Keep “Night Skies” Part of the Tomorrow Plan

ACTION NEEDED: Keep “Night Skies” Part of the Tomorrow Plan Image

San Antonio has developed a three-pronged plan to guide the city “toward smart, sustainable growth”. Unfortunately, last week the City Planning Commission, at the request of one contingent of the San Antonio development industry, removed the very important “Night Skies” provision from the Sustainability portion of the overall SA Tomorrow Plan. You do not need to live in San Antonio for this to have a terrible effect on you. City Council can restore this “Night Skies” provision and will be voting on it this Thursday, August 11th. Whether you live near San Antonio or not, please call Mayor Ivy Taylor and members of City Council to remind them that this is actually a “Better Lighting” provision. It will provide for lighting that allows San Antonio citizens and visitors to be safer, to see better, to make properties more attractive, to be healthier, to reduce light trespass and to conserve electricity.

San Antonio currently has “night skies” provisions near military bases to allow the military to see better during night time operations. The rest of the city has lighting that creates glare and produces an exceptional amount of sky glow. Just look at the light and energy wasted up in the sky in the photo above taken from Enchanted Rock! San Antonio, which is 77 miles away contributes more than any other city.

Please call early in the week to register your concern and ask that they restore the “Night Sky” provision to the Sustainability Plan.