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Texas International Dark Sky Places

Texas International Dark Sky Places Image

The Milky Way rises over Copper Breaks State Park, Texas. Photo by Koustav Sinha

The International Dark Sky Places Program, run by the International Dark Sky Association, promotes preservation and protection of night skies across the globe. Preserving dark skies starts locally with a dedicated group of citizens, city or park staff, or volunteers.

Three types of areas compose the program: communities, parks, and reserves. IDA International Dark Sky Parks and Reserves are home to some of the darkest and most pristine skies in the world. IDA International Dark Sky Communities are filled with concerned citizens working to make their city a little darker. While their skies may not be perfect, they provide examples to the world of cities with responsible outdoor lighting.

International Dark Sky Places serve as reminders that the wonders of the nighttime environment are just as much a part of our lifestyle and history as the natural beauties experienced during daylight. In fact, without the inspiration from night sky objects, much of the world’s history, art, culture, music, and literature would not have been created. This is why the International Dark Sky Places Program aims to protect locations of exceptional nighttime visages for future generations. IDSPlaces celebrate this rich heritage with innovative outreach programs meant to inspire others to cherish the sky and return the night sky to children and people of the world.

IDA Texas proudly salutes the designated International Dark-Sky Places in Texas (in the order each earned the designation).