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IDA Texas Goals

  1. Educate the public about light pollution
  2. Engage citizens and public officials in reducing or eliminating light pollution
  3. Make lasting changes in the way Texans view outdoor lighting

The Texas Section of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) seeks to connect, and provide information and resources to, everyone interested in fostering better outdoor lighting in Texas. We hope to eliminate the Outdoor Lighting Challenges explained here.

Better lighting may be achieved by:

  1. A light fixture that shields the source of the light. You do not see the bulb and the light does not have a “star” appearance from other properties.
  2. Selecting a light source that uses the least amount of light ( number of lumens) necessary for the task.
  3. Using a warm colored light source with a color temperature ratings between 2700 Kelvin and 3200 Kelvin.
  4. Turning off the light when no one is there to use it.

Who is a member of IDA Texas?

Members of IDA who live in Texas are automatically members of IDA Texas. To join IDA go to Anyone, IDA member or not, may apply to join the IDA Texas Yahoo Group Forum to connect via email for discussion with others who seek to establish better lighting as defined in our IDA Texas Goals.

Tax Deductions

IDA Texas is an Official Section of IDA, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Membership dues, donations, and individual expenses for volunteer work, including mileage, are tax deductible if you keep receipts and record your mileage.

Use the “Donate” button on any page of this website to designate your donation for use in Texas. IDA Texas funds support this website and provide educational materials for use within Texas. Donations may also be directed to support the Better Lights for Better Nights Grant Fund, which provides assistance to replace or retrofit existing fixtures to reduce light pollution.

For sales tax exemptions on volunteer expenses contact a volunteer officer by using the contact form on this website.


IDA Texas members may lobby a legislative body and identify themselves as IDA Texas members. Any money spent must be authorized by the IDA Texas Section leaders. Contact them through the contact form on this website. Money spent by all IDA Sections is under the same IDA 501(c)3 organization and is, therefore, cumulative. Those funds must not exceed certain limits based on IDA’s annual income.

This lobbying activity was formerly not allowed. However, in 2009, IDA filed a special Form 5768 with the IRS.

Please note that individuals spending their own money and using their own name (without IDA association) are not subject to any limitations on legislative lobbying.